Basic Healthcare

Common Ailments Affecting Rabbits


Overgrown Teeth

Rabbits have continuously growng teeth that may have to be clipped by a vet. Please call Avon Lodge to book a consultation for this treatment. Provide unlimited amounts of hay, plenty of gnawing materials and a varied high quality diet to minimise the chance of problems. We recommend Burgess foods for rabbits which we can order for next day delivery.

Digestive Disorders

These can be a common problem with rabbits. A change of environment, over handling and a rapid change in their diet can cause this. These disorders can prove fatal so if your rabbit stops eating, or has a bloated stomach or diarrhoea, contact us at Avon Lodge immediately. We recommend annual worming to prevent parasitic infection. A veterinary nurse can give your rabbit the treatment if you have problems. Just call us to book a nurse consultation.

Fly Strike

In warmer weather, flies can become attracted to rabbits faecal matter in the hutch or stuck on the animal, and lay eggs which produce maggots which in turn feed on the rabbit resulting in a very rapid and distressing death. Making sure the hutch is kept clean and that the rabbit's backside is checked daily and cleaned with a specialist shampoo if necessary can prevent this. Topical product containing the insect growth regulator cyromazine is also effective to prevent fly eggs from hatching. After an application, protection lasts up 8-10 weeks.  Avon Lodge usually keeps this in stock, or can order it for you for next day delivery. 


Making sure your rabbit is out of direct sunlight, has plenty of fresh water and is not overly exercised or excited can prevent this. During very hot weather, a bottle of frozen water can be provided for your rabbit to lie by as this decreases their body temperature. 

Myxomatosis and HVD

These are both fatal diseases and we strongly recommend having your rabbit vaccinated against both - myxomatosis twice a year, and HVD once a year.


This condition is caused by bacteria and is related to stresses including high temperatures, draughts, weaning and over handling or stress by exposure to foxes etc. It starts with cold like symptoms and can lead to pneumonia, head title and abscesses in teeth roots. 

If you are unsure about your rabbit's health, check our symptom checker found on the home page, or contact Avon Lodge on 0117 977 3230.

*** STOP PRESS ***    During the month June 20th 2016 onwards we are supporting Rabbit Awareness Week - book for a free nurse consultation and get free samples of food and hay.

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