Basic Guinea Pig healthcare

Given good care and regular attention, guinea pigs are relatively easy pets. However, as with all animals, there are particular needs that need to be met, and things that can go wrong. 

Common Ailments

Overgrown Teeth

Guinea pigs have continuously growng teeth that may have to be clipped by a vet. Please call Avon Lodge to book a consultation for this treatment. Provide unlimited amounts of hay, plenty of gnawing materials and a varied high quality diet to minimise the chance of problems. We recommend Burgess foods for guinea pigs which we can order for next day delivery.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C so a good supply in the diet is essential. Fruit and vegetables offered regularly and a complete guinea pig mix contain ample amounts. Lack of vitamin C can cause dry flaky skin and stiffness in the joints, it can also affect the nervous, digestive and immune system. If any of these symptoms are present contact Avon Lodge to make an appointment to see a vet. 0117 977 3230.


Guinea pigs can get mites and lice in their fur. There are small animal mite sprays to treat this which Avon Lodge can supply the day after your order it. 

On a weekly basis, check their well-bing. Check their rear in particular as they are prone to flystrike which is a distressing and potentially fatal condition. 

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