Why you should neuter your cat

Too many kittens grow up to be unwanted cats, and there are also health reasons for your cat. Female cats come “on heat” at least every three weeks. During this stage they are restless, may miaow loudly and roll around, appearing to be in pain. Drugs to suppress heat are available but there is a risk of side effects. Recurrent heats may distress your pet, but they can be stopped by spaying. In addition, spaying prevents womb infections later in life and reduces the risk of breast cancer. A cat does not need to have had a litter first. The operation is usually done at around five to six months of age, although it can safely be done younger or older, and can also be performed on cats in early pregnancy.

Male cats should also be neutered at five to six months in order to minimise the risk of contracting the cat form of incurable disease AIDS (FIV) from fighting  INSERT PAGE LINK TO FIV. Cats that have not been neutered are also more likely to spray in the house (which smells strongly) and behave aggressively.

In both cases the operation is straightforward and your cat will usually return home the same day. Female cats have a patch of hair shaved, either on the flank or the belly.

Recovery is rapid – usually by the next day, although females may have to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent interference with the wound for a few days. Call Avon Lodge 0117 977 3230 to book an appointment. These operations are carried out Monday to Friday. There will be a free post-operative check-up 24 -48 hours after the operation, but call us if your kitten/cat seems poorly. In some breeds (such as Siamese) shaved hair may grow back a darker colour, but this returns to normal in time.

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